On the Animal

A compact, inexpensive ear tag for livestock, designed to remotely monitor animal health and location, and provides early detection of health-related issues. It is designed to last the lifetime of the animal.


Information about your livestock is presented in an easy-to-read dashboard on your computer or smartphone. The dashboard will give you early warning of any animals showing signs of health related issues so that you can take appropriate measures.

Up Close

The smartphone application allows you to view live health attributes for individual livestock within a 30-metre radius. It also enables you to quickly pinpoint the exact location of the animal within the herd.

Who, What, Why?

We are a small, dedicated team from Melbourne, Australia, and we are in the process of developing the most advanced smart tag for livestock in the world. We wish to revolutionise the way farmers track the health of their livestock, in order to enhance both the animals' lives and the farmers' productivity.

We are currently on the lookout for forward-looking livestock farmers to trial our cutting-edge product. If this sounds like you, please contact us via the link below.


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